Shuo Li

S. Li




  • Director, Digital Imaging Group, London
  • Associate Scientist, Lawson Health Research Institute
  • Research Scientist, GE Healthcare
  • Adjunct Research Professor, Departments of Medical Biophysics and Medical Imaging, University of Western Ontario


Dr. Shuo Li is the scientific director of the digital imaging group of London ( DIG is a group of Medical Doctors, Scientists, and Engineers dedicated to improving and advancing digital medical imaging. It is based in London, Ontario, Canada, spread across a number of hospitals and research facilities with affiliations throughout the medical and academic communities in London. This group aims at bridging the gap between the technically oriented research community and clinically oriented researchers. The objective of our research is to investigate, develop, and utilize new digital techniques in order to facilitate the translation of novel research into the clinical diagnosis, monitoring, and therapy of disease. The DIG of London aims at encouraging collaboration between medical doctors, computer scientists, and engineers from industrial partners to accelerate the development of novel clinical tools in the PACS environment. Dr. Shuo Li is a research scientist and project manager in the leading healthcare provider: GE healthcare. He is also an adjunct research professor in department of medical biophysics and medical imaging of the University of Western Ontario. His current research interest is focused on the computer automated medical image analysis and visualization. He has about 20 peer reviewed publications and 8 patent disclosures for the last 5 years.

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