Robert Stodilka

R.Z. Stodilka




  • Imaging Scientist, Lawson Health Research Institute
  • Medical Physicist, Department of Diagnostic Imaging, St Joseph's Health Care - London
  • Assistant Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering; Assistant Professor, Department of Medical Biophysics; Assistant Professor, Department of Medical Imaging, Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry, University of Western Ontario


Dr Robert Stodilka completed his PhD in Medical Biophysics from the University of Western Ontario in 1999 and a Post-Doctoral Fellowship from the University of Massachusetts Medical School in 2000. During his training he won two awards for top trainee publication from the Journal of Nuclear Medicine. Dr Stodilka worked in the public sector as a Defence Scientist, and received a Certificate of Commendation for duty in the aftermath of the September 11th terrorist attacks on the United States. In 2002, he helped found Ontario’s first private-sector clinic for Positron Emission Tomography – which continues to operate to this day. In 2004, Dr Stodilka was recruited as a Scientist to the Lawson Health Research Institute and holds an Assistant Professor appointment at the University of Western Ontario. His research interests lie in medical imaging, ionizing radiation, nanotechnology, and computer modeling of biological systems. Dr Stodilka became a Member of the Canadian College of Physicists in Medicine in 2005, is an Agency Expert of the International Atomic Energy Agency, and sits on the London Health Emergency Response Subcommittee. In 2007, he was selected by the National Research Council to represent Canada at the ICSU Conference on Global Scientific Challenges. For three years, he served as a Full Board member of the Health Sciences Research Ethics Board, providing expertise in medical imaging and radiation dosimetry. He has consulted for the London Health Sciences Centre, St Joseph’s Health Care, and the Lawson Health Research Institute for radioisotope licensing; medical cyclotron selection; imaging equipment selection, installation, licensing and acceptance testing; and radiopharmaceutical clinical trial protocol management.

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