Elizabeth Osuch

E.A. Osuch




  • Associate Professor and The Dr. Joseph Rea Chair in Mood Disorders, Department of Psychiatry, Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry, University of Western Ontario
  • Chair/Medical Director, First Episode Mood and Anxiety Program (FEMAP), London Health Sciences Centre
  • Scientist, Lawson Health Research Institute


The First Episode Mood and Anxiety Program (Dr. Elizabeth Osuch, Chair/Medical Director) conducts clinical research on neurophysiological and behavioral processes associated with mood and anxiety disorders. Specifically, FEMAP is interested in the functional brain abnormalities that precipitate, maintain and underlie the onset of and recovery from these disorders. The modulation of affective states is particularly interesting as a means by which the individual responds to internal and external stressors. Areas of ongoing neuroimaging research include:
  1. Uncovering the impairment in the reward neurocircuitry that underlies the early stages of depression and contributes to the inability of depressed youth to experience pleasure or become motivated to engage in previously pleasurable activities.
  2. Studying the way in which some cognitively intact youth utilize repetitive self-injurious (non-suicidal) behavior to modulate their affective states and how self-injury affects the brains of these individuals to become a self-sustaining behavior.
  3. Investigating the interactive effects of frequent marijuana use and depression on neurophysiological processes and neurocognitive dysfunction. This research includes the evaluation of genetic vulnerabilities as well.

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