Bioelectromagnetics (BEMS) is the study of the interaction of non-ionizing electromagnetic fields with biological systems. These investigations range from considerations of basic biophysical mechanisms underlying the biological effects of magnetic fields to delineation of the possible clinical (both therapeutic and diagnostic) applications of magnetic fields.  Electromagnetic fields are produced by a variety of sources including: electrical distribution systems, medical diagnostic systems, and fields used specifically for the treatment of disease. BEMS was established to provide research, education and consultation services relating to magnetic fields and their roles in biological processes.



·         Magnetic field exposure facilities

o    Animal exposure (2 systems, one within animal care facility)

o    Human exposure (3 systems, 0-500 μT triaxial, and 0-3 mT horizontal, 50 mT head-only)

o    Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)

·         Magnetic field shielded facility

o    MF Shielded and sham-MR Shielded enclosures

·         Electroencephalography facilities

o    128 Channel fMRI/EEG system

o    Two 64 Channel EEG/ERP systems

o    Two 32 Channel Ambulatory EEG systems

o    One Legacy 16 Channel EEG system

·         Neurophysiological testing facilities

o    Neurosensory analyser

o    Two 16 channel Polhemus Ambulatory Position Monitoring Systems

o    Laser Doppler Finger Tremor Monitor

o    Force Plate Postural Sway Monitor

o    TEMP, Skin Resistance, Environmental Monitors


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