Statistical Services

Experimental Design and Data Analysis Consulting

"Experimental Design and Data Analysis Consulting" Yves Bureau, Ph.D.

Inferential statistical services and experimental design consulting are now available at the Lawson Health Research Institute.

The service will provide:

  • Determination of the best design to answer your study question.
  • Calculation of the number of subjects required for your study using power analysis.
  • Analysis of the data at the conclusion of the study.
  • A written report in a simple and easy to understand format. A formal publication quality report is available upon request.

"What can this service do for you?"
As with any construction, a good plan will prevent a contractor from having to rebuild. In the world of research, experimental design and data analysis services help construct studies that are informative and relevant. For those who are not sure which approach is best for answering questions, this service will provide advice as to the proper experimental design and subsequent data analysis. The benefits will range from requiring fewer subjects in the long run as well as complete data analysis that will facilitate the understanding of results for clear and unambiguous interpretations.

"What is unique to this service?"
Unique to this service is that the statistician in question is also a long-time scientist. Thus, there is an understanding of the needs of the scientist as well as for how to analyze data.
At this time, some of these services are offered at UWO only, at a cost of $75.00/hr. Our services will be complementary and competitive with that cost. On occasion, if the investigator wishes to have the statistician as a co-investigator with authorship possibilities, the costs will be waived.

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