5D Imaging

Five-dimensional (5D) image processing has become a major challenge within the field of medical imaging.  5D images are dynamic 3D images (4D) that are acquired at multiple times. A typical example would include dynamic cardiac CT scans and/or gated cardiac MRI acquired at 3-monthly intervals and dynamic cell growth and shape change in weekly intervals. 4D images significantly assist in the analysis of the deformation and motion. The pattern of this deformation and motion can be used for recognition and diagnosis when another dimension is added. Another dimension usually comes from atlas, template, historical data, etc. The correlations in 5th dimension (e.g. the pattern of deformation for dynamic cardiac CT) can be extracted for recognition, tracking and diagnosis. The correlation in the 5th dimension can be widely used in objects tracking and recognition using radar image, cell and sub-cell particle monitoring using microscopic image and medical diagnosis using dynamic CT or MRI.


5D imaging for left ventricle abnormality detection
S. Li
Medical image analysis
K. Punithakumar
Artificial Intelligence analysis


A. Islam
Cardiac imaging
I. Ross
Cardiac imaging
A. Goela
Cardiac imaging
R. Rankin
CT angio
T. Peters
Computer assisted intervention
Future Directions
  • Right Ventricle functional analysis
  • Full automated cardiac image analysis suite
Key Accomplishments
  • First Left ventricular (LV) regional abnormality detection
  •  Most accurate LV segmentation on MRI

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