Feb 16, 2011 - Lawson Health Research Institute Signs Gludef™ FDG Supply Agreement with Lantheus Medical Imaging and Receives Health Canada Establishment License

Feb 16, 2011 - Lawson Health Research Institute Signs Gludef™ FDG Supply Agreement with Lantheus Medical Imaging  and Receives Health Canada Establishment License
Human PET/CT image showing uptake of the PET radiopharmaceutical FDG.

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LONDON, Ontario – Lawson Health Research Institute announced today that it has signed a Manufacturing & Supply Agreement with Lantheus MI Canada, Inc., a subsidiary of Lantheus Medical Imaging, Inc., to produce Gludef™ at Lawson’s Nordal Cyclotron & PET Radiochemistry Facility in London, Ontario.  Under this agreement, Lawson will be able to service fourteen southwest Ontario counties with Gludef, Lantheus Medical Imaging’s version of fludeoxyglucose F-18 injection (also known as FDG), including Brant, Norfolk, Wellington, Waterloo, Grey, Bruce, Huron, Perth, Oxford, Middlesex, Elgin, Lambton, Chatham-Kent, and Essex.

Gludef is a radiopharmaceutical agent indicated for imaging in patients undergoing oncologic diagnostic procedures for the evaluation of single pulmonary nodules (lung cancer diagnosis).  It is used in conjunction with Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scanners.

PET is the most advanced medical diagnostic imaging technology available today for early and accurate detection of cancer and certain diseases of the heart and brain.  It is a superior imaging technology that is more sensitive, provides images with greater resolution, and does not rely on radioisotopes produced by nuclear reactors.  The most common PET radioisotope is fluorine 18 (F-18).  It has the longest half-life (110 minutes) of the most frequently used PET radioisotopes and is used as the primary raw material in the production of FDG, the most common Positron-Emitting Radiopharmaceutical (PER) utilized in clinical PET scans.

The Nordal Cyclotron & PET Radiochemistry Facility recently received its Establishment License from Health Canada, permitting the use of its F-18 in the production of clinical PERs.

Lawson’s Dr. Michael Kovacs, Director of the Nordal Cyclotron & PET Radiochemistry Facility, says, “We are very pleased to partner with Lantheus for the production of Gludef FDG.  The Manufacturing & Supply Agreement and the Health Canada Establishment License are very important steps towards our goal of manufacturing PERs in our cyclotron facility for use in clinical PET scans in southwest Ontario.”


About Lawson Health Research Institute

Lawson Health Research Institute, located in London, Ontario, is one of Canada’s largest and most respected hospital-based research institutes.  As the research arm of London Health Sciences Centre and St. Joseph’s Health Care, London, and working in partnership with The University of Western Ontario, Lawson is committed to furthering scientific knowledge to advance health care around the world. Its state-of-the-art, 6,000 sq. ft. Nordal Cyclotron & PET Radiochemistry Facility opened on March 31, 2010 and is the only medical cyclotron facility in southwest Ontario.  It is capable of producing F-18 or C-11 labeled PERs for preclinical and clinical imaging and is available to support leading edge research, including PET imaging applied to oncology, cardiology, neurology/mental health, bioelectromagnetics, and other areas.


About Lantheus Medical Imaging, Inc.

Lantheus Medical Imaging, Inc., a worldwide leader in diagnostic medicine for more than 50 years, is dedicated to creating and providing pioneering medical imaging solutions to improve the treatment of human disease. The company’s proven success in discovering, developing and marketing innovative medical imaging agents provides a strong platform from which to bring forward breakthrough new tools for the diagnosis and management of disease. Lantheus has more than 650 employees worldwide with headquarters in North Billerica, Massachusetts, and offices in Puerto Rico, Canada and Australia.


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